108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes

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108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes

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108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes Slots

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes is a mysterious slot game from Microgaming with a Chinese theme. This slot features colourful Far Eastern heroes who all look ready for a fight standing in their martial arts poses. Other symbols here are reminiscent of a fruit machine with single, double and triple bar symbols and lucky sevens both featuring on the reels. There are only 3 reels here and 9 paylines to give a simplistic feel however the top jackpot prize of 100,000 coins is certainly more sophisticated than many simple slots!

The game features here are slightly limited and there is no separate bonus game, however you can enjoy a couple of lucrative features that make a big difference to your payouts. Firstly there are many wild symbols as each of the heroes acts as a wild and can substitute for the other lower paying symbols. You can also enjoy regular re-spins which are triggered by the heroes whenever 2 appear on the reels.

Betting on the Heroes

To start playing this game, you need to choose your bet. Simply click on the arrows to pick your coin value and the number of coins you wish to play. You can start at the minimum coin value of a 0.01 and go up to the maximum of 1.00. You can also choose how many coins to play each spin with the lowest number of 1 coin per spin going up to a max of 10 coins per spin. With these options selected you can enjoy a total minimum bet of 0.15 and an overall max stake per spin of 150. This large betting range makes the game ideal for all players form the low to high rollers.

Heroes Can Multiply Rewards

This free 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortune slot features a number of hero characters who are all wearing colourful costumes. You can meet the gold, blue, purple and green heroes who all serve as wild symbols in the game. This means they can substitute for the other icons to create more potential winning combinations. Whenever the heroes substitute on a spin they will double your payout. Plus whenever you hit 2 or more of these characters you will begin a re-spin which will attract a multiplier reward which can be as much as 5x the payout if you spin the gold hero. During the re-spin the central reel will lock and the outside reels will spin again.

The best payout in this game is 100,000 coins, which comes from spinning the purple hero on the outside reels and the gold hero on the central reel. The next best prize is 50,000 coins which is available if you spin the purple warrior on the outside reels and the blue hero on the central reel. All the other heroes also award payouts with the sevens and bar signs awarding the lowest rewards.

More Oriental Slots

The oriental theme of this 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes slot will appeal to fans of Chinese theme and there are many more slots with a similar style to try. For example, Red Mansions slot is a Chinese inspired game which offers an incredible 1024 ways to win. This slot features wild symbols and some peaceful images such as the dove and cherry blossom. The MultiWay Xtra feature offers the chance to boost your payouts for a bigger bet and it is recommended to play all the paylines to maximise your chances of hitting a top payout. Another more simple choice for oriental slot enthusiasts is to try is Samurai 7s which is more similar in style to 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes with its 3 reels, basic design and bar signs.

Heroic Spinning from the Orient

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes is a simpler game in terms of design and features, however it can offers some seriously great winning opportunities. Players will love the multiplier feature which is a main part of the game giving up to 5x extra on payouts.

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The wild symbols also appear all the time to offer many regular wins with doubled payouts. This trip to the orient may look a lot simpler than some more glamorous slots with their bonus rounds and stylish graphics, but the top jackpot of 100,000 coins is one of the best and the heroes can certainly hold their own in the slots world when it comes to payouts!

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes: Multiplier Tokens and Almost All Icons Can Merge as Mixed Combos

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes online slot by Microgaming is totally different from the earlier 108 Heroes game content. First off, this game is built on a 3 x 3 grid and configured with 9 paylines. Although carrying the 108 Heroes theme, images of Chinese warriors represent special Multiplier Values. The Multiplier icons can form winning combinations, and are in fact high-paying symbols. At the same time, they act as Wild Symbols that increase corollary winnings via their respective Factor.

Another significant attribute of the Multiplier totems is the Wild Re-Spin Bonus that they set off. The triggering Multiplier Symbols lock in place during the re-spin. All those involved in completing a winning arrangement will also take part in increasing the related rewards. Another notable aspect is that Multiplier Tokens and almost all other symbols such as the Number 7s and the BAR Symbols, can merge as mixed combos. In fact, any Multiplier Token awards a prize on as few as one (1) that emerges as outcome of a spin.

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes: Multiplier Tokens

Four Factors come into view as Wild Multipliers: 5x, 4x, 3x, and 2x. Every value carried by each Wild Multiplier increases the payout of the payline combination that they helped complete. This denotes that If a payline win has more than one Wild Multiplier as components, factors carried by those substituting icons all apply in increasing the payout of that win.

The 5x, 4x, and 3x Multiplier Tokens emerge only in Reel 2. The 2x Symbol takes position in any reel. Nevertheless, Wild Multipliers award top cash rewards when they form a 3-symbol winning payline combination in accordance with the following arrangements:

A 2x + 5x + 2x Win, garners the Jackpot of 10000x the Coin Bet
A 2x + 4x + 2x Win, awards 5000x the Coin Bet
A 2x + 3x + 2x Win, pays 3500x the Coin Bet
A 2x + 2x + 2x Win, bestows 2500x the Coin Bet.

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes players can also reap rewards on any pair of Wild Multipliers occurring along a payline. A 2x Multiplier Wild in Reel 1 pairing off with a 5x, 4x, 3x, or another 2x in Reel 2, garners cash prizes equivalent to 20x, 16x, 12x or 8x the coin bet, respectively.

Actually, players earn pays even with just one (1) Wild Multiplier Token. A 5x, 4x, 3x, or 2x Multiplier icon in Reel 1, correspondingly awards 5x, 4x, 3x, or 2x the Coin Bet.

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes : Wild Re-Spin Bonus

In addition to the cash rewards bestowed by Wild Multipliers that converge as winning elements, a Wild Re-Spin Bonus could also be awarded. However, it takes at least two Multiplier Factors of any kind in Reel 2, to activate the Wild Re-Spin Bonus.

During the free-turn, Reel 2 freezes to lock in place the triggering Wild Multipliers, while only Reels 1 and 3 will spin to produce new elements.

If the Re-Spin results to a win, the feature doubles all corresponding payouts, including those completed thru Wild Multiplier representation/s.

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes : Non-Wild Regular Symbols

The traditional Number 7 and BAR symbols occur as low-win, regular paying icons. The Number 7 comes in two variants; a Red 7 and a Blue 7. They award corresponding pays of 40x or 35x the Coin Bet. A mixed-combo payline win comprising any of the Number 7 icons, awards 15x the Coin Bet.

The BAR Symbols come around as 3-BAR, 2-BAR, or simply BAR images. They accordingly bestow 25x, 15x, or 5x the Coin Bet on a 3-of-a-kind payline win. Any BAR variant and/or Blue 7 icons aligned in a payline also earns a reward of 3x the Coin Bet.

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes online slot has game mechanics that actually carries out the essence of the title. Four Wild Multipliers: 5x, 4x, 3x, and 2x not only perform substitution action in order to boost chances of striking a spin-win. The Wild Tokens increase payouts, as well as mix and merge as winning combinations just like any regular-paying icon. Moreover, the occurrence of two or more in a designated reel, triggers a Re-spin Bonus that locks in place the triggering Wild Multipliers.

108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes Slot Machine Online

About 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes Slot

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108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes Preview

The 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes slot has a 3-reel grid design with 9 pay lines. The use of bars (single, double and triple) and sevens signs (Red & Blue) icons makes the slot resemble a fruit slot machine. The 108 heroes multiplier fortunes slot has a wild icon, which is the only unique icon. This icon adds a twist to the old-school slot.

The 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes slot logo features 4 Far East heroes in colourful oriental garments. Each of the 4 heroes icons acts as a wild icon, and they can substitute for sevens and bar icons. The Gold, Blue, Green and Purple costumed heroes are assigned X5, X4, X3 and X2 multipliers respectively.

Playing on maximum settings, the wild multipliers symbols pays from between 50 credits to 20 credits when they appear alone in an active pay line. Using the same settings, winning combinations of the sevens and bar symbols pay from a range of 400 to 150 credits and 250 to 30 credits respectively.

Apart from its simple design, which makes it somehow sophisticated, the slot comes with limited features. The presence of bonus features and wild symbols gives the player a chance to boost his or her payouts. Winning the jackpot prize of 100000 coins could make a big difference to your payout.

As much as you won’t find Bonus games and progressive jackpots in this game, you can still enjoy a couple of lucrative multipliers, and free spins features. Spinners can play 108 heroes multiplier fortunes slot machine online for free in any casino powered by Microgaming.

Getting Started

Before you pick a fight with any of the heroes and if you are paying for real money, then you need to adjust your bet. Players can use the buttons and controls on the command bar, just below the reels, to make the necessary coin and spin settings. The minimum bet you can make is 0.15, while the maximum is 150.

  • Press the upward arrow beside the “BET” display to roll up a menu from which you can select the coin size or value (0.01 to 1) and number of coins to play per active line (1 to 10 coins).
  • Click the green refresh button, in the middle of the command bar, to set the reels in motion to begin the game.
  • Select the “Max Bet” and “Auto Play” buttons to turn the reels at maximum settings (coin size and number of coins) and for a number of selected times (10 to 100) without interruption respectively.

Playing 108 heroes multiplier fortunes casino slot online with all active lines maximises your chances of hitting atop payout.

Experience the Heroes Arena

The hero symbols are the highest paying symbols in the game. These symbols will double your wins any time they substitute the sevens and bar symbols to complete a winning combination. Hitting 2 or more hero multiplier symbols on Reel 2 will trigger and initiate the Wild Multiplier Re-spin feature.

The Re-spin round comes with a multiplier reward of up to x5 your payouts. When in play, the feature locks the Reel 2 and the other reels, Reel 1 and Reel 3, get to spin again. Wins are doubled in the Re-spin Bonus Feature, and the coins and lines settings used are as the base game.

The Hero symbols with x5, x4 and x3 multipliers only appear on reel 2, and they can award jackpot wins of 100000, 50000 and 35000 credits playing in maximum settings. This win is guaranteed when you land any of the x5, x4 and x3 multipliers wilds in the middle reel and two Hero symbols with x2 on the other reels. Aligning three Hero symbols with x2 across the reels pays 25000 credits.

Wins with one Hero Multiplier symbol and two matching sevens or bar symbols are multiplied by the multiplier value. On the other hand, wins with two Hero multiplier symbols and one sevens or bars symbol are multiplied by both the multiplier values. Moreover, the wild multiplier symbols only multiply win when they substitute for non-wild icons.

You Would Not Wish to Miss Out in These Fights

The 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes slot offers decent winning opportunities to players who love games with multiplier features. The simple bonus round and stylish graphics make the trip to the orient a bit complicated but enjoyable in the end. The game has a high pay ability even without considering the RTP rate since the wilds are easy to trigger. High rollers can play 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortune slot for real money in any of the Microgaming casinos online.

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