Arabian Rose

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Tasters and Drop Ins

Come and enjoy one hour belly dance lesson with the UK’s top teachers. Learn some iconic belly dance moves and challenge your body throughout an upbeat and fun class.

Beginners ( level 1 )

This course is perfect for absolute beginners and those with no prior belly dance experience. Here all the moves are broken down in an easy to learn way.

Improvers ( level 2 )

This course is suitable for those who have worked through the level 1 course or those with some prior bellydance experience. Here we strongly focus on technique and rhythm.

Intermediate ( level 3 )

This class is suitable for those who have worked through the beginners and improvers course (level 1 and 2), or who have equivalent previous bellydance experience.

Advanced ( level 4 )

This is a development course (with an option to perform in a belly dance show in Central London) for intermediate and advanced students.

Teacher Training

Get certified with our advanced courses and teacher training programmes.

Private Classes

Our private classes are organised and structured to suit your own needs and pace. Private classes are held at your location or at dance studio at your convenient time.






The Arabian is a horse breed in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. Arabians tend to have higher attributes overall, with superior reactivity and agility.


Arabian horses are a superior class, often kept by wealthy owners. Identified by their dished head and high tail carriage, Black and Rose Bay are purchasable, while a rare White coat can be discovered. A fiery temperament makes them hard to train but, once broken, they handle well and remain loyal. Their great Health and Stamina, with good Speed and Acceleration, make them perfect endurance horses.

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Catalogue Description

Arabian horses have very good temperaments, are alert and eager to please. They are fast, quick to learn, and have a willingness for training, though they will not tolerate abuse. Good-natured, they form a tight bond with humans. Whether used for racing, war, or work, they are superior in fitness, strength and agility and exhibit a high amount of grit. This is the finest horse a man could own.


White Arabian location

The White Arabian is one of the rarest mounts and can only be caught in the wild, located due west of Lake Isabella in Grizzlies West. The Black Arabian can be purchased at the stable in Saint Denis after completing the fourth chapter and by technicality, «Fleeting Joy» in the fifth chapter. Additionally, a rare event at night in Saint Denis may reward the player with a free Black Arabian, as long as it is stolen in time. A couple will be robbed, and no matter the outcome, the man will always mount his Black Arabian, which will be hitched nearby. The Rose Grey Bay Arabian can be purchased from the stable in Blackwater during or after the epilogue. The Red Chestnut can be found in the wild to south-west of lake Owanjila and the Warped Brindle to the west of the Wapiti Indian Reservation.

Coat styles

Coat Base Value (in $) Health Stamina Speed Acceleration Source
Black 1050.00 6 6 6 6 Saint Denis stable
Rose Grey Bay 1250.00 7 7 6 6 Blackwater stable
White 1200.00 5 5 6 6 Wild
Red Chestnut 250.00 4 5 5 4 Red Dead Online / Wild
Warped Brindle N/A 3 5 6 4 Wild

Special variants

The Count

The horse of Dutch van der Linde throughout 1899. This horse has an «Albino» coat, and is loved deeply by Dutch. In a conversation with Charles, Arthur remarks «I don’t know what Dutch would do if something happened to The Count» and says how the horse will only take Dutch, adding that he got bucked «faster than a bull» when he once tried to ride it. [1] Furthermore, this horse is very skittish and much more difficult to pat than other horses at camp.


In Red Dead Online, Old Man Jones rides a unique Arabian with a Harbor Gray coat.


  • Despite the game listing The Count’s coat as «Albino», horses cannot be albino.
  • The Count has the same stats as the White Arabian.
  • The White Arabian is technically a grey horse due to the black skin around the mouth and hooves.
  • In Red Dead Online, the Black Arabian, at the price of 42 gold, is the most expensive gold-exclusive purchase in the whole game.
  • The Red Chestnut Arabian is actually bay, as can be told by it’s black points.
  • The Online Red Chestnut Arabian and the single player Red Chestnut Arabian have two completely different coats. The online version has the same coat as the Blood Bay Thoroughbred (modified to have a more reddish tint) with white socks and a blaze, while the SP version is solid bay with no markings.

Video Overview

Red Dead Redemption 2 Horses – Arabian Overview

Arabian Rose Kuumba Made for women and men

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Arabian Rose by Kuumba Made is a Floral fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features rose.

Perfume rating: 3.64 out of 5 with 32 votes.

Fragrance Notes

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Arabian Rose Fragrance Reviews

Currently cleaning out my perfume closet à la Marie Kondo. It’s always hard throwing out fragrances because they bring you right back to a certain time in your life, which is why I’m writing this review. I want to remember how this scent made me feel (Part 3).

I bought this bottle from the Kuumba Made website, when I was teaching English abroad and got into a perfume-oil phase. I remember receving the box of four small bottles in the mail and being excited to open it because I was in a strange town with no real friends, and this reminded me of the bigger world.

I remember wearing this once to class and feeling peaceful. It is a sweet, dusty rose — not dark or heavy; in fact, I detect an element of brightness to it. It makes me think of the rose-flavoured Anis de Flavigny candies I bought in France, and would make a great scent for perfumed letters, hair oil, or paper soap.

Thank you, Arabian Rose, for your service. Perhaps I will not bid farewell just yet!

I have been quite impressed with the quality of these oils. Way better than Auric Blends!

Kuumba Made Arabian Rose is VERY reminiscent of Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose, but with the advantage of being able to be worn much closer to the skin. Arabian Rose also isn’t *quite* as sharp and green as Tea Rose– an improvement in my book! It’s basically a fresh, fleshy, deep red rose with a slight citrus/lemony overlay on first application. Dries down to a soothing rosewater-and-glycerin scent It’s rose-rose-rose without being the least bit sour or old-fashioned. Great longevity, too!

This is a surprisingly strong rosebud scent. It literally smells like a fresh red rosebud to me. It develops to become slightly powdery and slightly incensy. I might try layering this with other fragrances to punch up the rose aspect. I can see this becoming a love.

Rose incense. Arabian Rose is not a true to life rose soliflore. Instead it’s slightly soapy and powdery, but not like an old fashioned soap. more like incense that hasn’t been burned yet. Lovely and long lasting.

I use this oil as a base to layer other fragrance that needs more more rose. A bit uncomplicated by itself

I enjoy this. It’s not, by any means *complex*. Not at all. This is pretty much a soliflore fragrance.

It starts out with something that is rosey, citrus-y, and green but not too much beings those notes becomes very sour and bitter with my skin chemistry. It’s there to keep the rose fresh rather than smelling wilted. Once it works in with my chemistry, it starts to get a little deeper in depth, like a woodsy effect. It stays that way for a few hours before becoming soapy and musky, and then remain that way for the rest of the duration.

From beginning to end, this lasts all day. May need to freshen up some going into evening. Sillage is more intimate, but that may be how I’m applying it too. This can be strong so I tend to go lightly with it. I like to wear this straight out of the shower on weekends around the house, or running errands. It’s a $10 bottle of rose scent that is perfect for just that, nothing special. It will last for years because a little goes a long way.

Easy to wear and also easy to layer as well. Because of that, it’s a great value for the money.

ARABIAN ROSE is a true rose scent. As it’s a concentrated oil you don’t need much and it lasts for hours. There’s not much more to say about this one, because if you like the scent of roses, you’ll most probably like ARABIAN ROSE. By the way, Kuumba Made fragrances are inexpensive and high quality.

So happy to see these in the database now!! Arabian Rose is one of the most gorgeous Rose fragrances EVER! It’s a tiny bit of heaven in a $10 little bottle. So rich and Royal, I feel like a beautiful queen whenever I wear it! It smells like a beautiful red rose garden that’s deep in color and exquisite beauty. It’s a lot on the sexy side, very demure. What a little gem Kuumba Made Oils are. I’m sure every one smells deep, rich and alluring as this one. My next one to try is the myrhh and frankincense blend. Can’t wait to try all these tiny treasures! (A little goes a LOOOOOONG way – this bottle will last forever; what a great value bonus!)

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