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Accra втр 14:25 Casablanca * втр 15:25 Kolkata втр 19:55 Reykjavik втр 14:25 Addis Ababa втр 17:25 Chicago * втр 09:25 Kuala Lumpur втр 22:25 Rio de Janeiro втр 11:25 Adelaide втр 23:55 Copenhagen * втр 16:25 Kuwait City втр 17:25 Riyadh втр 17:25 Algiers втр 15:25 Dallas * втр 09:25 Kyiv * втр 17:25 Rome * втр 16:25 Almaty втр 20:25 Dar es Salaam втр 17:25 La Paz втр 10:25 Salt Lake City * втр 08:25 Amman * втр 17:25 Darwin втр 23:55 Lagos втр 15:25 San Francisco * втр 07:25 Amsterdam * втр 16:25 Denver * втр 08:25 Lahore втр 19:25 San Juan втр 10:25 Anadyr срд 02:25 Detroit * втр 10:25 Las Vegas * втр 07:25 San Salvador втр 08:25 Anchorage * втр 06:25 Dhaka втр 20:25 Lima втр 09:25 Santiago втр 10:25 Ankara втр 17:25 Doha втр 17:25 Lisbon * втр 15:25 Santo Domingo втр 10:25 Antananarivo втр 17:25 Dubai втр 18:25 London * втр 15:25 São Paulo втр 11:25 Asuncion втр 10:25 Dublin * втр 15:25 Los Angeles * втр 07:25 Seattle * втр 07:25 Athens * втр 17:25 Edmonton * втр 08:25 Madrid * втр 16:25 Seoul втр 23:25 Atlanta * втр 10:25 Frankfurt * втр 16:25 Managua втр 08:25 Shanghai втр 22:25 Auckland срд 02:25 Guatemala City втр 08:25 Manila втр 22:25 Singapore втр 22:25 Baghdad втр 17:25 Halifax * втр 11:25 Melbourne срд 00:25 Sofia * втр 17:25 Bangalore втр 19:55 Hanoi втр 21:25 Mexico City * втр 09:25 St. John’s * втр 11:55 Bangkok втр 21:25 Harare втр 16:25 Miami * втр 10:25 Stockholm * втр 16:25 Barcelona * втр 16:25 Havana * втр 10:25 Minneapolis * втр 09:25 Suva срд 02:25 Beijing втр 22:25 Helsinki * втр 17:25 Minsk втр 17:25 Sydney срд 00:25 Beirut * втр 17:25 Hong Kong втр 22:25 Montevideo втр 11:25 Taipei втр 22:25 Belgrade * втр 16:25 Honolulu втр 04:25 Montréal * втр 10:25 Tallinn * втр 17:25 Berlin * втр 16:25 Houston * втр 09:25 Moscow втр 17:25 Tashkent втр 19:25 Bogota втр 09:25 Indianapolis * втр 10:25 Mumbai втр 19:55 Tegucigalpa втр 08:25 Boston * втр 10:25 Islamabad втр 19:25 Nairobi втр 17:25 Tehran * втр 18:55 Brasilia втр 11:25 Istanbul втр 17:25 Nassau * втр 10:25 Tokyo втр 23:25 Brisbane срд 00:25 Jakarta втр 21:25 New Delhi втр 19:55 Toronto * втр 10:25 Brussels * втр 16:25 Jerusalem * втр 17:25 New Orleans * втр 09:25 Vancouver * втр 07:25 Bucharest * втр 17:25 Johannesburg втр 16:25 New York * втр 10:25 Vienna * втр 16:25 Budapest * втр 16:25 Kabul втр 18:55 Oslo * втр 16:25 Warsaw * втр 16:25 Buenos Aires втр 11:25 Karachi втр 19:25 Ottawa * втр 10:25 Washington DC * втр 10:25 Cairo втр 16:25 Kathmandu втр 20:10 Paris * втр 16:25 Winnipeg * втр 09:25 Calgary * втр 08:25 Khartoum втр 16:25 Perth втр 22:25 Yangon втр 20:55 Canberra срд 00:25 Kingston втр 09:25 Philadelphia * втр 10:25 Zagreb * втр 16:25 Cape Town втр 16:25 Kinshasa втр 15:25 Phoenix втр 07:25 Zürich * втр 16:25 Caracas втр 10:25 Kiritimati срд 04:25 Prague * втр 16:25

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (64 places).

втр = вторник 23 июнь 2020 г. (135 places).
срд = среда 24 июнь 2020 г. (8 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: вторник 23 июнь 2020 г. 14:25:35

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Around the World (1943)




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Title: Around the World (1943)

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Cast overview, first billed only:
Kay Kyser . Kay Kyser
Mischa Auer . Mischa Auer
Joan Davis . Joan Davis
Marcy McGuire . Marcy McGuire
Wally Brown . Clipper Pilot
Alan Carney . Joe Gimpus
Kay Kyser Band . Kay Kyser Band (as Kay Kyser’s Band)
M.A. Bogue . Ish Kabibble (as Merwyn «Ish Kabibble» Bogue)
Georgia Carroll . Georgia Carroll
Harry Babbitt . Harry Babbitt
Sully Mason . Sully Mason
Julie Conway . Jule Conway (as Jule Conway)
Diane Pendleton . Diane Pendleton
Jack . Jack (as Jack and Mac)
Mac . Mac (as Jack and Mac)

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Bandleader Kay Kyser takes his troupe of nutty musicians, goofball comics and pretty girl singers on a tour around the world to entertain the troops during World War II.

Plot Keywords:




Parents Guide:

Did You Know?






User Reviews

Not a great movie but a delight. So many movies were made to lighten the mood of wartime, many of which we know and many of which were forgotten. This is a joy – the music is terrific, the plot so thin it’s transparent. The pretext is that Kyser’s band and singers are traveling from one base to another to entertain the troops. (Kyser married the lead singer after this show and she quit her singing career.) The musicians and singers are talented, and Kyser pulls off the kind of broad humor that Bob Hope made famous on USO tours. Joan Davis is a comedic genius – very physical, as extreme as Lucille Ball or Imogene Coca, but pretty enough to hold her own with the feminine stars. Interesting that she chose the clownish route. She’s a female Danny Kaye.

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