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Китайская рулетка (1976)




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Title: Китайская рулетка (1976)

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Complete credited cast:
Anna Karina . Irene Cartis
Margit Carstensen . Ariane Christ
Brigitte Mira . Kast
Ulli Lommel . Kolbe
Alexander Allerson . Gerhard Christ
Volker Spengler . Gabriel Kast
Andrea Schober . Angela Christ
Macha Méril . Traunitz

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A wealthy couple, with a daughter Angela, a young teen who walks with crutches, tells each other they are off for the weekend on business (he to Oslo, she to Milan). Actually, both are meeting their lovers, and both go to the family’s county home, Traunitz castle. Surprising each other, there’s sophisticated laughter; they decide to continue as planned. Dinner, however, is interrupted by the arrival of Angela and her mute attendant, also named Traunitz. The next day, the child initiates a game of «Chinese roulette,» in which one team tries to guess which of them the other team is thinking of by asking questions. The game has an edge of cruelty and the results are explosive. Written by

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User Reviews

Sometimes directors guarantee a place in Cinematography Hall of Fame and all of a sudden every work from them become masterpieces. «Chinesisches roulette» is a nice example of an overrated movie. The messed up family and the psychological battles are nice, but no espectacular work for sure. The actors sometimes seem to be intentionally exaggerating, sounding and looking completely artificial. Save a coin for the little girl. Das ist alles.

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Chinese Roulette


A husband and wife lie to each other about their weekend travel plans, only to both show up at the family’s country house with their lovers.






Art Direction







Alternative Titles

Roulette Chinoise, Kinesisk roulett


96 mins More details at IMDb TMDb Report this film

Chinese Roulette is a cruel movie. It is firmly stuck in Fassbinder’s harsh, icy world and is a film of cold intellectualism. Set in a house of dishonesty, Chinese Roulette functions as a beautiful chamber piece. Yet it slowly reveals social anarchy and the everyday fascism of family life. It’s just one long buildup of simmering tension (sexual, dramatic, or otherwise), and we watch, waiting for and needing the evil to finally reveal the truth.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder started off his career with experimental, Nouvelle Vague inspired films. Later he moved onto society-piercing melodramas, and Chinese Roulette comes from his transition from those melodramas into his phase of idiosyncratic international co-productions. As a result, Chinese Roulette is less naturalistic than Fassbinder’s earlier movies and…

Ten films in, and so far Fassbinder can do no wrong. I think by now he’s knocked Michael Mann off my number one spot for favourite director of all time.

«Chinese Roulette» is another effortlessly entertaining flick from Fassbinder who’s able to achieve so much with a simple concept. In this instance a crippled daughter is able manipulate both her parents into arriving at their family holiday house with both their lovers in tow. The following night she decides to initiate a guessing game called Chinese roulette which creates bitterness and resentment amongst the family, leading to increasing cruelty from the daughters responses.

The film is immaculately directed by Fassbinder which comes at no great surprise. He directs the film…

I’m torn on Chinese Roulette. The premise is simple – two parents accidentally meet each other with their respective lovers, and are then joined by their crippled daughter who plays a sadistic mind-game with the four – which keeps the film engaging; but the simpler the plot, the more dependent the film is on premise and technical elements.

Its technical aspects are fantastic – Fassbinder’s direction straddles the line between opulent and reserved, and the way he glides the camera around the room make the film feel much larger than it actually is. He also chooses some excellent compositions, using a glass case in the center of the main set to bisect focus (much like he used mirrors in World…

Chinese Roulette is a rigid film, one that feels very much like a «European art film.» Conversations are always hinting at more, feeling both deeper and more vague and abstract than any real way people would talk. It’s about a husband and wife both accidentally showing up to the same place with lovers they are each having an affair with, prime ground for exploring family issues and pent up resentment. This is often the sort of movie I love, and this one is good, but it feels a bit like a skeleton of a great film.

The twist is that at the center of all of this is the couple’s daughter, who has a disability that requires her to use…

Chinese Roulette

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