Diamond Wild

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Diamond Wild

Éditeur ISoftBet
Rouleaux 5
Lignes de paiement 20
Minimum de lignes 1
Val min pièces 0.01 €/$
Val max pièces 0.1 €/$
Nombre max de pièces 10
Maximum de pièces à gagner 2500
Jackpot Progressif Oui
Autoplay Oui
Option Gamble Non
Symbole Wild Oui
Symbole Scatter Oui
Free Spins Oui
Multiplicateur de gains Min :
Max : 2
Graphisme 3D Non
Bonus / Mini-Jeux Non

Le jeu de casino Diamond Wild est une machine à sous classique d’iSoftBet. La slot est dans la droite lignée des bandits manchots, avec des symboles de fruits, les 7, les bars et d’autres.

Diamond Wild reste donc assez simple dans ses options mais a incorporé les symboles wilds, les free spins et les multiplicateurs de gains.

Le diamant wild est comme son nom l’indique le wild du jeu et a donc la fonction de remplacer n’importe quel autre symbole normal du jeu.

Pour accéder aux free spins, il suffit de trouver trois symboles «free games» ou plus. Une fois fait, 8 free spins avec un multiplicateur de gains doublé seront crédités.

La possibilité de «combo» la plus intéressante sur Diamond Wild reste de trouver plusieurs diamants sur un seul spin. Un jackpot est disponible sur ce jeu et est atteignable en trouvant 9 diamants sur les rouleaux. Si cela se produit, vous gagnerez 2.500 fois votre mise, soit plus de 218.000€ si vous misez le spin maximum. Vous pouvez également rafler de belles sommes en obtenant 6 diamants ou plus.

Vous pouvez miser entre 0.20€ et 20€ à chaque spin.

Une machine à sous style bandit-manchot

Diamond Wild est une machine à 5 rouleaux, 3 rangées et 20 lignes de paiement. Retrouvez les symboles suivants:

Nye kasinoer 2020:

    1 plass! Enorme jackpotter!


    2 plass i rangeringen

Wild: permet de se substituer aux autres symboles.

Free Games: permet d’accéder aux free spins du jeu.


Main appearance(s) Other appearance(s)


Location and Uses

Breath of the Wild

Diamonds are rare Materials in Breath of the Wild. Because of their rarity, Diamonds have long been sold for a high price in Hyrule. [2] Diamonds are required for Isha to craft Diamond Circlets at Starlight Memories in Gerudo Town. Additionally, Diamonds are necessary to enhance Diamond Circlets at Great Fairy Fountains. Diamonds can be used as an ingredient for White Dye at the Kochi Dye Shop. Ramella, the Gerudo in Goron City, may offer to buy Diamonds from Link at a 10% increase of the regular sale price, trading a bulk of 10 Diamonds for 5,500 Rupees instead of the regular total of 5,000. [3] Diamonds are also necessary to repair the Weapons used by the late Champions: Mipha’s Lightscale Trident, Revali’s Great Eagle Bow, Daruk’s Boulder Breaker and Urbosa’s Scimitar of the Seven and Daybreaker. These can be repaired by Dento, Harth, Rohan and Buliara, respectively.

Diamonds can be obtained from breaking Ore Deposits and Rare Ore Deposits, or from slaying Stone Taluses, Frost Taluses, Igneo Taluses, or Silver and Golden enemies. Kairo, the traveling Goron merchant, will sell Diamonds during unusual weather. [4] The only other place that sells Diamonds is Ore and More in Tarrey Town. Diamonds can be found inside Treasure Chests in Bareeda Naag Shrine, Gee Ha’rah Shrine, Kaam Ya’tak Shrine, Kah Mael Shrine, Keeha Yoog Shrine, Maka Rah Shrine, Misae Suma Shrine and Mozo Shenno Shrine. Diamonds may spawn when the Super Smash Bros. series Ganondorf and Zelda amiibo, The Legend of Zelda series Zelda amiibo and the Breath of the Wild series Zelda, Mipha, Revali, Daruk and Urbosa amiibo are scanned using the amiibo Rune.

Link can obtain a Diamond from Pirou by trading him 55 Rushrooms in the Side Quest, «Rushroom Rush!». Ledo will reward Link with two Diamonds for bringing him the 10 Luminous Stones needed to repair Zora’s Domain in the Side Quest, «Luminous Stone Gathering». [5] [6] [7] Afterwards, Ledo will continue to trade Link one Diamond in exchange for 10 Luminous Stones. [8] Three Diamonds are also received as a reward for completing the «From the Ground Up» Side Quest. [9] [10] Jiahto will repay Link one Diamond in return for helping to archive the Zora legends upon the Stone Monuments scattered around the Lanayru Great Spring as part of the «Zora Stone Monuments» Side Quest. [11] [12] [13] A Diamond is the reward for completing the «Riddles of Hyrule» Side Quest, tasked by Walton in the Korok Forest. [14] [15] A Diamond is the final reward in the series of requests that Nebb has for Link in Hateno Village, as part of «The Weapons Connoisseur» Side Quest. [16] [17] [18]

If Link has a maximum of 999 Diamonds and is offered a Diamond as a reward, the gifter will hold onto it until Link has made room. [19] [20] [21] [22] [23]

Other Appearances

Zelda’s Adventure

The Diamond is obtained by giving the Coal to the Blacksmith in Great Wimbich. Receiving the Diamond automatically rewards Zelda with 999 Rupees. It is kept in the inventory afterwards, but has no other use.

Diamond Wild

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Diamond Wild Slot

At first glance you might be forgiven that this slot is something of a traditional game, as you’ll immediately spot that the symbols are those found at the classic slots over the years. These include the bell, the cherry, the single, double and triple BARs and the red seven. However, this is actually nothing like a traditional game, with many extras to be found, the majority of these revolving around the diamond symbol. Here you’ll find free spins, wilds and five different progressive Jackpots.

If you take away all of the extras, the slot does indeed look like a classic game, the symbols set against the five white curved reels. Each spin is met by a satisfying clunk and a ding sound when each reel comes to a stop – this mixed in with the background sound of the general hubbub of the casino. Above the reels themselves you’ll find the progressive jackpot pay-outs, all five ticking relentlessly upwards, with the title of the slot in the top left hand side. As you might expect at a slot with the traditional symbols, there is a whole load of colour and this is added to by the control buttons all being in different bright colours.

Setup and Play for Diamond Wild Slot

This slot has five reels with a maximum of 20 win lines, although you’ll have the option of playing just 1, 5, 10, 15 or all 20 win lines. You’ll set both the coin value and the line bet amount which in conjunction with the number of lines will give you your total stake for each spin.

To win at this slot you’ll need to land at least three in a row of any symbol from left to right on a win line, starting with the leftmost reel. The diamond wild symbol is the highest paying symbol in the game; giving you a win of 2,500 coins should you land five in a row. As the wild it will also substitute for any other symbol in the game except the free games symbol. The red seven is the next most valuable at 1000 coins and is joined by the dollar sign (500 coins) and the triple BAR (200 coins) as the only symbols paying out over 100 coins for five in a row. As an added bonus, should you land a combination of the BAR symbols on a win line, you’ll also pick up a prize.

Diamond Wild Slot Free Games Feature

You’ll find an added ‘Free Games’ scatter symbol which will activate this feature if appearing three or more times across the reels. Here you’ll earn eight free spins and ever win during the feature is worth double due to the 2x multiplier. At many slots this would be the main feature of the game, but the Diamond Wild slot has a much bigger feature to enjoy.

Diamond Symbol Progressive Jackpot

As well as the large diamond wild symbol, you’ll also find a smaller diamond symbol which appears alongside the other symbols at times. This acts much like a scatter symbol and the more of these diamonds that appear across the five reels, the better it is for you. Should you gain three or four you’ll gain an immediate set win of 1x or 5x your total stake. However, should you gain five or more, this is where the progressive Jackpots come into play – although you should note that these only apply if playing for the max line bet size of 10 (if you want to keep the cost of each spin down, we would advise simply lowering the coin value instead of the line bet size).

The highest jackpot amount comes when you land nine or more of the diamond symbols, with other progressive prizes available for landing five or more. Should you not be playing for the maximum bet sizes, the pay-outs for these starting at nine diamonds all the way down to five are 2,500x, 1,000x, 100x, 50x or 10x your total bet size.

The way you’ll activate the bonus feature is somewhat original and very in keeping with the series. At the top right hand corner of the reels you’ll see the current time – the time starting at 24:00 when you first join. Every time the reels spin a number of minutes come off the time. This can be just a couple of minutes or much longer. When the clock reaches zero the bonus round starts.

Diamond Wild Slot Conclusion

This slot by iSoftbet does a great job of taking a traditional game and adding a very modern twist. Yes, you’ll win as you would at any standard slot, but the diamond symbols give the slot a whole new added dimension and mean that any single spin can suddenly spawn a huge win. This slot will be enjoyed by many – both fans of classic games and those players who enjoy the added adrenaline rush of going for that big Jackpot.

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