Empire Fortune

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Empire Fortune

Enter a realm of riches, jewels and gold with Empire Fortune!

Game details

Game Description

Empire Fortune is a global progressive jackpot slot game with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines oriented from left to right. The game has a host of interesting features! From a jackpot wheel full of interesting functions, to a free spin mode, to getting a gold coin with a second spin on the wheel.

The hold feature which gives players the chance to carry over two bonus or free spins symbols to the next spin for a second chance of getting the third symbol and winning free spins or a spin on the jackpot wheel! Here players can win a plethora of prizes ranging from simple coin wins and free spins to a multimillion jackpot!


We are a new type of connection platform where we match investors with the type of deals they are targeting and seekers with the right investors for their particular needs.

We are not brokers, traders, bankers, or agents. We don’t charge commissions, we don’t take a piece of your equity. We are connectors who use a proprietary software platform to enable you to streamline the process of finding and completing transactions.

Why our investors join


Everyone is looking for the deals that fit their precise investment criteria. We enable you do to that better and faster. You tell us your particular parameters and instead of being awash in potential transactions that don’t fit, we only send you those that are in your sweet spot. We screen them so you don’t have to.

Pre-Screened and Curated Deals

Diligence is an essential and time consuming process and there is no one right way to do it. We screen all of the deals on our platform to save you time and resources. No one can say which ones are going to be winners but we do the preliminary work that protects all parties to a potential transaction. When we send an investor a potential deal you can trust that we have done our part by doing preliminary diligence so you don’t have to.

Business Development as a Service (BDaaS)

Investors, firms, and offices spend a great amount of time, energy, and money looking for potential investment opportunities. Our platform enables you to eliminate much of that resource expenditure. Our software creates a marketplace where capital can find appropriate seekers who are looking for capital and advisory.

Capital Providers

Investors become member because we streamline the process of finding and making equity investments. Our software brings them the targeted and prescreened deals they are looking for.

Nye kasinoer 2020:

    1 plass! Enorme jackpotter!


    2 plass i rangeringen

Elite Investors

Family Offices

Investment Bankers

Private Equity Firms

Pension Funds

How It Works

Receive an invitation:

You will be nominated by other members.

Complete detailed profile:

This is information about you and or your firm, office, or fund..

Provide investment preferences:

Give us the details on what you are looking for in potential transactions.

Meet your facilitator:

Our team member will be your point of contact and work with you to achieve your goals.

Review targeted transactions:

Your facilitator will bring you the potential deals that fit your precise investment targets.

You take it from there:

Once your facilitator has introduced you to the key players involved in a potential investment our job is complete and you will work directly to move the transaction to completion.

Additional services:

At your request we can connect you with a range of service providers that are part of our network. Lawyers, bankers, brokers, advisors, and a host of others are there for you.

Why our capital seekers join

Broad Exposure

Working to locate capital when you need it is all too often a time and emotionally consuming process. There are false starts, dead ends, and the inevitable limits to your network. Simply stated – our network is bigger, broader, and deeper. Our software platform will enable you to expose your deal to a wide range of qualified investors in a very short amount of time.

Serious Players Only

One of the most frustrating parts of the process of seeking capital is trying to determine who are the real potential investors as opposed to the tire kickers, bottom feeders, and vultures. Just as we screen capital seekers, we do the same with our providers. We will only put your deal in front of investors who have an expressed interest in what you have and who have a history of making similar investments. Our job is to save you time and energy.


The process of securing capital can be frustratingly slow. Our job is to enable you to dramatically accelerate the process. Our screening process and software platform enable us to put you deal in front of potential investors who know it fits their investment parameters and that we have already done initial diligence. This accelerates the entire process and let’s you get the capital you need in a timely manner.

We provide our exclusive services to a wide range of those seeking capital. In a world where connections are the key we offer the capacity for rapid, deep, and broad exposure for your particular deal. Our promise is to get you in front of potential funders fast!

Operating Companies


Real Estate Firms

Media & Entertainment


How It Works

Request Invitation:

We will send you an application form immediately upon your request.

Complete Application:

This provides us with the basic parameters of what you are looking for and enables us to determine if we are a fit.

Pay membership fee:

Upon receipt of your membership fee the process begins in earnest.

Background/Initial Diligence:

We will complete initial diligence on you and your project as part of the vetting and matching process.

Complete detailed funding request:

This is where you provide all of the details, plans, projections and history of your particular transaction so we can bundle it up for our investors.

Meet your facilitator:

We will match you with one of our team members who will guide you through the process of connecting with the right capital partner.

Capital Connections:

Your facilitator will make a personal introduction of you to those capital providers that have an expressed interest in your type of transaction and a history of making similar investments.

You take it from there:

As we are not brokers or agents it’s up to you from this point forward to work out the particulars of your ongoing relationship and transaction with the capital providers.

Additional Services:

We offer an array of different services through our network that can include pitch and presentation development and coaching, financial advisory services, legal services, investment banking and more.

Why our capital consultants join

Better service for your clients

The world of professional services in the financial sector is becoming increasingly complex. Your competitive advantage lies in being able to provide more, better, and faster service to your clients. As information is now universally available what matters is connections and this is where Fortune Empire shines. When you register as a Fortune Empire Capital Consultant you have immediate access to our extensive network of capital providers. It doesn’t matter how extensive your network is, ours is bigger and our platform enables you to access all of it right from your desk or mobile device. This gives you the capacity to access and provide capital provision services to your clients in an unprecedented manner.

Expand your reach

What if you could connect your clients with potential capital sources from around the world? Instead of being limited to your current network or working conferences for new connections you can now connect with individuals and organizations from around the world. Our platform is a global resource to our members and enables you to reach individuals and organizations that would otherwise be unknown or inaccessible to you. What a great competitive advantage – a global network!

Save time and money

What if you could get access to capital and not have to pay big finders fees, brokerage fees, placement fees, or give up chunks of equity? Our Capital Consultants are able to save all of these fees for their clients and themselves. Our global network connects you with not just capital sources but other professionals as well and that combination saves you that most precious of resources, your time!

Fortune teller

The Fortune teller is an event tent that gives random rewards in exchange for rubies. It is similar to the Wheel of fortune except that you pay rubies and cannot time the rewards. They are truly random. The event was added on December 12, 2020. [1]

Every time you pay, you get a «divination,» which a max of 10 is allowed. The first payment is 100 rubies, then 300 rubies [may increase wih every divination]. The cost resets everyday to 100.

Divinations Edit

Possible divinations are as follows:

  • 600 rubies
  • 150x Veteran Demon Horror
  • 150x Veteran Deathly Horror
  • 150x Veteran Flame Bearer
  • 150x Veteran Composite Bowman
  • 93x Royal banner
  • 93x Gold Khan chest
  • 93x The splendor of Berimond
  • 93x Case of the Shogun
  • 43:00 minutes of 200% season point booster
  • 1x Timeskip – 5 hours
Nye kasinoer 2020:

    1 plass! Enorme jackpotter!


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