Fairy Tale

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A Fairy Tale III – Battle at Ork’s Rift

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A Fairy Tale III – Battle at Ork’s Rift (#165)
Also called FTP3, A Fairy Tale Part III – Orks Rift
Release date 13 May 2020 (Update)
Members Yes
Voice Over No
Official difficulty Experienced
Quest series Fairy Tale
Age Fifth Age
Main developer(s) Tytn H, Ingrid J
Design review Chihiro Y
QuestHelp Stephen R
Graphics Alec V, Chris W, Gurpreet K, James W, Rakesh M
Concept Unknown edit
Quality Assurance
Quality assurance Adam D, Andrew E, Nicola C, Sarah J
Composition Adam B
Infobox Talk page

A Fairy Tale III – Battle at Ork’s Rift is the last installment in the Fairy Tale quest series. To save Zanaris and the Fairy Queen, you have to defeat the Fairy Godfather once and for all.


Official description [ edit | edit source ]

The Fairy Queen is back to full health and her resistance movement is gathering momentum, but the Godfather (and his ever-growing ork army) aren’t going to give up the throne without a fight. Defeating all those orks is going to be like pulling teeth.

Overview [ edit | edit source ]

If you plan to start the quest immediately after finishing the second part, leave Zanaris first. You may have to log out and back in after leaving Zanaris.

You must take a fairy ring from any location to Zanaris to start the quest, although you will end up in a small area with Fairy Very Wise.

If you decline her offer to take up the quest you will not be teleported to this location again upon accessing a fairy ring. Instead, you will have to use the code BIR to access this location manually. If the last place you teleported is the resistance HQ then you will have to type in the code twice.

Start point
Member requirement Members only
Official difficulty Experienced
Official length Long
Requirements Skill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.

  • A Fairy Tale III – Battle at Ork’s Rift
    • A Fairy Tale II – Cure a Queen
      • A Fairy Tale I – Growing Pains
        • Jungle Potion
        • Lost City
        • Nature Spirit
          • Priest in Peril
          • The Restless Ghost
  • 59 Magic
  • 54 Farming
  • 51 Thieving
  • 37 Summoning
  • 36 Crafting
Items required Items from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • Bucket of milk (in Zanaris a bucket spawns just west of the mill and there is a dairy cow just east of the wheat field)
  • Dramen staff or Lunar staff
  • Secateurs (can be obtained during the quest; Magic secateurs will not work; tool belt will not work)
  • Hammer (can be obtained during the quest; tool belt will not work)
  • 37 Prayer for Protect from Magic
  • 1-3 Prayer potions
  • Potions that improve your combat abilities
  • Good weapon and armour (Dragon equipment or better)
  • Some food, beltfish or better
  • 4 regular planks and 8 nails of any kind
  • 8 Willow logs (85 Firemaking required for this optional step)
Enemies to defeat
  • General Gromblod, General Shredflesh, and General Bre’egth (level 85)
  • A number of Ork warriors (level 79) (can be avoided entirely by attacking General Gromblod immediately)
  • Fairy Godfather (level 84)

<"difficulty":"[[File:Experienced.svg|7px|Experienced|link=]] Experienced","kills":"* [[General Gromblod]], [[General Shredflesh]], and [[General Bre'egth]] (level 85)\n* A number of [[Ork warrior]]s (level 79) (can be avoided entirely by attacking [[General Gromblod]] immediately)\n* [[Fairy Godfather]] (level 84)","name":"A Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift","items":"* [[Bucket of milk]] (in Zanaris a bucket spawns just west of the mill and there is a dairy cow just east of the wheat field)\n* [[Dramen staff]] or [[Lunar staff]]\n* [[Secateurs]] (can be obtained during the quest; Magic secateurs will not work; tool belt will not work)\n* [[Hammer]] (can be obtained during the quest; tool belt will not work)","start":"Speak to [[Fairy Very Wise]].\n\nIf you plan to start the quest immediately after finishing the second part, leave [[Zanaris]] first. You may have to log out and back in after leaving Zanaris.\n\nYou must take a fairy ring from any location to [[Zanaris]] to start the quest, although you will end up in a small area with Fairy Very Wise.\n\nIf you decline her offer to take up the quest you will not be teleported to this location again upon accessing a fairy ring. Instead, you will have to use the code BIR to access this location manually. If the last place you teleported is the resistance HQ then you will have to type in the code twice.»,»length»:»Long»,»members»:true,»requirements»:»

[[File:Quest.png|21px|link=]] Quests:
  • [[A Fairy Tale III – Battle at Ork’s Rift|A Fairy Tale III – Battle at Ork’s Rift]]
    • [[A Fairy Tale II – Cure a Queen|A Fairy Tale II – Cure a Queen]]
      • [[A Fairy Tale I – Growing Pains|A Fairy Tale I – Growing Pains]]
        • [[Jungle Potion|Jungle Potion]]
        • [[Lost City|Lost City]]
        • [[Nature Spirit|Nature Spirit]]
          • [[Priest in Peril|Priest in Peril]]
          • [[The Restless Ghost|The Restless Ghost]]

\n\n*59 [[File:Magic-icon.png|21x21px|link=Magic|alt=Magic]] [[Magic]]\n\n*54 [[File:Farming-icon.png|21x21px|link=Farming|alt=Farming]] [[Farming]]\n\n*51 [[File:Thieving-icon.png|21x21px|link=Thieving|alt=Thieving]] [[Thieving]]\n\n*37 [[File:Summoning-icon.png|21x21px|link=Summoning|alt=Summoning]] [[Summoning]]\n\n*36 [[File:Crafting-icon.png|21x21px|link=Crafting|alt=Crafting]] [[Crafting]]»>

Starting off [ edit | edit source ]

Equip a Dramen staff or Lunar staff and use a fairy ring to go to Zanaris, but you’ll be directed to the Sparse Plane, coordinate BIR if unable to be directed. Talk to Fairy Very Wise who would cast a spell that allow you to reach the Fairy Resistance Hideout without needing to carry Nuff’s certificate, and ask for your help, offering to teleport you to the Hideout directly.

You cannot exit through the fairy ring without accepting, but if you teleport out, you will have go through the process manually. Using any other fairy ring, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Fairy Resistance HQ node, you must go through all four teleports. You just have to click on the Fairy Resistance HQ option four times. If you previous teleport was to the hideout, you only need to do it once.

Once in the Fairy Resistance HQ, speak to the Fairy Queen, to start the quest. If you have just finished A Fairy Tale II – Cure a Queen, you will have to wait around thirty minutes in order to begin this quest. If that didn’t work then logout and login again, and then it should work.

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Talk to the Tooth fairy and she will ask you to turn on the projector to watch a briefing about Fairy Tooth Magic.

Warning: a non-flickering version of the briefings is available, but you are only given the option to choose the type of briefings once. When asked, make sure to choose «non-flickering briefings» if you suffer from epilepsy, other vision problems, or are at risk of seizures.

After the briefing, select the last option in the prompt that pops up, unless you have further questions to ask the Tooth fairy. Talk to the tooth fairy again and she will ask you to watch yet another briefing about the Fairy Godfather’s plans.

After the second briefing, the Tooth Fairy will ask you to find her wand for her, but first a tooth extractor is needed (you must talk to her about what is involved in retrieving her wand, and agreeing to do so, or you won’t be able to make the extractor). Head north west into another room in the resistance HQ that houses secateurs and hammers. Use the hammer on the secateurs to make a tooth extractor (a sacred clay hammer also works, but magic secateurs do not). Exit to Zanaris.

Tooth Fairy’s house [ edit | edit source ]

Before going to the Tooth Fairy’s House you may want to pick up a bucket for later use, one spawns just to the east of the Zanaris bank. After picking up the bucket, head east past the wheat field to fill the bucket with milk using the Dairy Cow.

Head to Tooth Fairy’s house located north west of the bank. Use the tooth extractor on the door to pick the lock (51 thieving required).

Talk to Gnarly. You will have to compliment him and his teeth. Say the following things:

  • You’re a wonderful guard tooth with lovely cusps.
  • I can see your bicuspid ancestry is an example to all molar-kind.
  • Your enamel shimmers like a river of silver in the moonlight.
  • I’ve never seen such amazing, inspired and dream-like toothiness.

He will then ask for some milk. If you brought a bucket of milk, give it to Gnarly, otherwise, take a bucket to the dairy cow east of the wheat field. He will ask you to close your eyes, then tell you to pick him up and take him to the tooth fairy. Agree to, and return to the Tooth Fairy.

Use the Zanaris fairy ring to get back to the Resistance Headquarters. With the new spell that Fairy Very Wise cast on you, all you need to do is use the coordinates AJS . Be sure to click the entry at the bottom of the list, or you will end up on the penguin island near Miscellania. Talk to the Tooth fairy and turn on the projector to watch another briefing in which you discover that Fairy Tooth Hunters made a tooth from each general rot. You must then retrieve those three teeth to grow ivory versions of the generals that can damage Fairy Godfather’s shield. They can be retrieved in any order.

After watching the briefing, step onto the yellow flowers next to the board and use the wave emote. Make sure you have the tooth extractor in the inventory before proceeding. Your tooth will now be pulled and replaced by a Magic tooth (so that you can access more fairy rings) by the TEEF. The scene of you having your teeth pulled will be «censored for the squeamish». After a humorous conversation, you will be given a fairy dossier with important information on the generals and the Fairy Godfather. Return to Zanaris, through the fairy ring.

Bre’egth [ edit | edit source ]

Bre’egth is located near the windmill located east of the bank. Talking to her will reveal that another ork, named K’Chunk, has taken her tooth. Speak with any other Ork to find that you need to speak with Fairy Fixit to locate K’Chunk.

While you’re near the bank, you may want to grab 4 regular planks and 8 nails of any kind to repair the bridge at the next location, and 8 willow logs for the bonfire, in order to save time in the future.

Head to Fairy Fixit, who is located near the fairy ring in Zanaris. Fairy Fixit will refer you to a remote island where K’Chunk was sent to, and give you the coordinates DIP . Use the fairy ring to teleport to the island, then talk to K’Chunk who will tell you that he has hidden the tooth in his pocket. You will need to pickpocket him to steal it, receiving Bre’egth’s tooth. If you brought 8 Willow logs and have level 85 Firemaking, light the bonfire for K’Chunk and receive 10,000 Firemaking experience. If you brought planks and nails, take a moment to fix the bridge by using a plank on the broken part of the bridge. The bridge also has to be repaired from the Mos le’Harmless side in order to completely connect this island to the mainland.

Note: If the Fairy Resistance HQ was the last location you travelled to using the fairy rings, the coordinates given to you by Fairy Fixit will likely take you back to the HQ. If this is the case, travel to any alternative fairy ring before attempting to travel to K’Chunk.

Gromblod [ edit | edit source ]

Gromblod can be found at the Enchanted Valley, looking for food there. Go there using the fairy ring code BKQ . Talk to Gromblod, but he will not tell you much. A few steps away, talk to the wood dryad or a centaur. You’ll be told that they want Gromblod out of there.

Talk to Gromblod again to find out that he is looking for a mango. Talk to the wood dryad and ask where you can find a mango. She tells you that there are no mangoes in the valley; you’ll need to use a fairy ring to find one. You’re directed to use the fairy code CLR , which will take you to Ape Atoll (it is safe unless you attack the Monkey Archers and you do not need a greegree). She will also enchant you so you can access the ring. Go to Ape Atoll using your newly acquired fairy ring code, and pick a mango from the tree, which is located right next to the fairy ring.

Return to the Enchanted Valley ( BKQ ) and give the mango to Gromblod. After trying to eat the mango, Gromblod’s tooth will become stuck in the mango and he will throw it away. Pick up the mango with tooth directly south of Gromblod. Use the tooth extractor on the mango to retrieve Gromblod’s tooth.

Shredflesh [ edit | edit source ]

Shredflesh can be found in a cave to the west of Gu’Tanoth; you can use the fairy ring code ALP to teleport into it directly. Talk to Shredflesh there and ask «Can I help with something?» After that, ask the first three questions about his pain, then say that you’re a dentist. A mood bar should pop-up.

Use the correct dialogue options that convince him to let you pull his tooth. As soon as this bar is filled, the ork will allow you to pull his teeth.

  • What’s a bit of pain for a huge ork hero like you?
  • If the tooth isn’t pulled out, all your teeth will hurt much worse!
  • Let me pull it out! What are you, an ork or a goblin?
  • I’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt a bit; I’m a professional!

Use the tooth extractor on Shredflesh. The screen is again censored for the squeamish. You will obtain Shredflesh’s tooth. Optionally, clear the pile of rock behind him to gain access to the cave from the surface world via a discreet cave entrance just south of the zogre area in Jiggig (your tool belt pickaxe will work).

Preparing for battle [ edit | edit source ]

Retrieve your combat equipment and food from the bank on your way back to the Fairy Resistance HQ ( AIR , DLR , DJQ , AJS ) and talk to the Tooth Fairy, who will explain the rest of the plan to you and tell you to turn on the projector for yet another briefing.

She explains that only the ork ivory statues can disable the Godfather’s shields, and tells you to go to the Ork’s Rift using the fairy rings, with the combination of codes BIR , DIP , CLR , ALP . She will also give you her fairy wand to heal the statues there. It can be equipped and used as a Dramen staff or Lunar staff to activate the fairy rings. However, magic combat with it is inadvisable as it is a tier 1 weapon. Exit the HQ and activate the fairy ring. At Ork’s Rift, the Fairy Mafia are preparing for their invasion near some conveniently located enchanted patches. Look through the fairy tree to view a cutscene.

The tooth fairy will reappear and remind you to defeat the generals first while growing the ivory orks, and once they are grown the Fairy Godfather can be damaged. You can now squeeze through the fairy tree and dispatch them once and for all; the generals (Shredflesh, Bre’egth, and Gromblod) are level 85, the ork warriors are level 79, and the Fairy Godfather himself is level 84.

The battle [ edit | edit source ]

Overview [ edit | edit source ]

If you die during this final battle, your gravestone will be at the main fairy ring in Zanaris, although the quest items will be lost and have to be retrieved from the Tooth Fairy. Squeeze through the line of fairy trees to begin the battle. You can teleport out any time, but progress would be lost.

The Godfather will be invulnerable at first. You must grow teeth in the farming patches and protect them from General Shredflesh while avoiding the Godfathers’s spells. You can track the progress of their growth by examining the individual patches; the growth stages are small, medium, and large and the ivory orks will spawn on their own when they have finished growing.

The ivory orks will gradually take down his shields and once they are down, the Godfather will finally become vulnerable to damage, and the fight will end as soon as his life points are depleted to zero.

The Godfather has the following abilities, which will be accompanied by a phrase he shouts.

  • Cement Shoes!: what looks like a grey broken plate will fly towards you and lands on your feet. This prevents you from moving for a short while (if you are using melee, General Gromblod and General Bre’egth take advantage of this, safespotting you while you are under the effects of this spell). While you are unable to move, if you cannot reach your intended target, simply eat and use potions as necessary until the effects wear off (if using melee). Protect from/Deflect Magic can completely nullify the damage and stunning.
  • Sleep with da fishes!: The Godfather’s standard attack, where he fires a translucent, grey fish towards its target, dealing up to 240 damage, but his completely negated by praying magic as well. He can cast this against all three ivory orks at once.
  • I’ll play a tune on my miniature violin!: The ork generals and warriors are healed by 10% of their maximum health (305 and 285 life points respectively. He will use this even when no orks are left to no effect.

Each General also has a special role, and killing them provides a certain advantage:

  • General Shredflesh may attack the growing teeth, dealing 50 poison damage. They would become diseased, turning a darker colour. They won’t die, but would not grow until healed with the fairy wand, but he can make them diseased immediately again after. However, he does not always do this, and may get stuck on plants or other orks.
  • General Gromblod will summon more ork warriors by beating on the drums to the north, near the rift. 4 is summoned each time, with up to 8 present at once. He cannot do so when in combat.
  • General Bre’egth is the commander of the ork warriors, and killing her will prevent her from calling out orders and for the orks to answer – however, the effect on their aggressiveness against you does not seem particularly large, if any.

    Fairy Tale

    Fairy Tale

    Fairy Tale
    「 フェアリー テイル 」 ( Fearī Teiru )

    TCG Sets

    OCG Sets


    Anime appearances


    Growing up alone without his big brother Zigfried to play with, Leon grew up loving two things; Duel Monsters and fairy tales. He then wrote a letter to Maximillion Pegasus, asking him to make a series of cards based on the stories he loved to read. Pegasus granted his wish and made for him the Fairy Tale series, which became his main Deck. He then used this Deck to participate in many tournaments he won, including the Kaiba Corp Grand Championship.


    This series is based off of fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm.



    Card Origin
    Forest Hunter Little Red Riding Hood
    Little Red Riding Hood
    Forest Wolf
    Glife the Phantom Bird The Griffin
    Tom Thumb & Globerman Tom Thumb
    Hexe Trude Mother Trudy
    Iron Hans Iron John
    Iron Knight
    Prinzessin Cinderella
    Pumpkin Carriage
    Seven Kid Goats The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats
    Thorn Princess Sleeping Beauty


    Card Origin
    100-Year Awakening Sleeping Beauty
    Curse of Thorns
    Giant’s Training Tom Thumb
    Gingerbread House Hansel and Gretel
    Glass Slippers Cinderella
    Gold Moon Coin The Star Money
    Golden Castle of Stromberg The Raven
    Iron Cage Iron John
    Magical Mallet Tom Thumb
    Spinning Wheel Spindle Sleeping Beauty
    Water of Life The Water of Life

    Playing style

    The OCG/TCG version of the series revolves around the Field Spell «Golden Castle of Stromberg», making the deck very reminiscent of the «Umi» series. Most of them form small subgroups based on various fairy tails that interact more closely with each other then they do with the cards based on a different fairy tale.

    «Golden Castle of Stromberg» comes at a steep cost of banishing 10 cards face-down from the top of its controller’s Deck during each of their Standby Phases. However, this is diminished by the sheer versatility of its first effect: once per turn, in exchange for being unable to Normal Summon/Set any monsters during that turn, the controller can Special Summon from their Deck, any one monster whose card text specifically lists «Golden Castle of Stromberg». Unlike their anime counterparts, all of the monsters in series list «Golden Castle of Stromberg» in their card text, while their various effects they’ve had are updated to interact with the series Field Spell.

    Iron John Group: Based of the fairy tail of the title character, «Iron Hans» special summons «Iron Knight» from the Deck whenever it is summoned. While the «Iron Knight» looses 1000 ATK if «Iron Hans» is also controlled by you, «Iron Hans» gains 1000 ATK for each copy of «Iron Knight» you control for as long as the series Field Spell stays on the field. «Iron Cage» is an interesting option for monster removal, while also helping triggering the effect of «Iron Knight» which searches «Iron Hans», or any Warrior monster provided the «Golden Castle» is on the field. The two monsters of the subgroup have potential not only for Link Summoning Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights but also as an obvious Rank 4 engine, most notably the «Heroic Champion» Xyz Monsters.

    Cinderella Group: «Prinzessin» has an effect that lets her search all the needed cards for her direct attack combo simply by being summoned while the «Golden Castle» is on the field. «Pumpkin Carriage» also protects the Golden Castle. «Glass Slippers» provide either a method for maintaining the advantage during the Battle Phase, or more fodder for «Isolde». «Prinzessin» and «Pumpkin Carriage» can also be used to summon «Aleister the Invoker of Madness».

    «Glife the Phantom Bird» is a more standalone monster, but has enough versatility not only as the Field Searcher, but also as a relatively easy means for disposing of troublesome cards in your opponent’s Spell/Trap Zone.

    «Hexe Trude» is the more-or-less the «boss monster» of the series. Unlike most monsters of her Level, she can be Normal Summoned without Tributing if you have «Golden Castle» in your Field Zone and can not only destroy 1 card per turn, but if she does she can also declare up to 2 attacks on monsters during each of that turn’s battle phases. This gives her a surprising advantage against most anti-meta cards (or, more accurately, cards that punish strategies that rely on special summon): «Trude» can bypass «Vanity’s Fiend», «Vanity’s Ruler», «El Shaddoll Shekhinaga», «El Shaddoll Winda» etc., which is necessary as most of the time the deck heavily relies on Special Summon.

    Fairy Tale mod for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword

    Fairy Tale

    Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword mod | Released 2020

    This Civilization IV mod places a number of Civilizations in a fairy tale world; a world with evil sorcerors, mighty trolls, noble and manly knights, nimble woodelves and hot babes in distress. Original? Bah! This ain’t original in any way. No-no. Instead Fairy Tale shamelessly makes use of all common and well-known fantasy and fairy tale clichés to create a pot of humour, excitement and of course pure good old Civilization nationbuilding. This mod does not claim to be original or impressive, nor does it claim to be Fall from Heaven. It does claim to be fun and exciting.

    • 22 very different Fairy Tale nations; all with their own different style and theme. Everything from dark nations of demons and trolls to civilizations of the undead where the warriors are skeletons to hot-babe valkyrie matriarchies to nations of proud knights with fluttering banners and shining armour. All civs demand different playstyles and approaches, and all come complete with own flags and symbols, leaders as well as national history and style.
    • Masses of new units and buildings with fantasy and fairy tale themes, where some of the units were tailored and made specifically for this mod. Build your Royal Family by deploying the King, the Queen and the Princess and watch them do their duty on the battlefield. Each nation also has a special national hero; like the Count, the Huntress, the Underworld Lord and so on, heroes that can travel the world and find adventure. Deploy massive formations of shining, noble knights or charge into battle with the impregnable legions of evil demonic infantry.
    • All Fairy Tale and Fantasy clichés are catered for. Deploy strong dragons to bring fast terror deep behind enemy lines, create a wave of Wolfpacks and unleash them on your unsuspecting rivals, preying on soft targets like settlers and workers without your rival ever knowing who sent the menace, or have witches explore enemy territory and investigate and sabotage their cities and improvements. Create Magicians to unleash their spells of destruction on enemy fortifications and city walls.
    • Fairy Tale and Fantasy type buildings and World Wonders are in place. Erect the Fairy Tale Palace, Forest King’s castle or Dome of Prophecy, build the Purple Tower to unite the land under your Imperial rule. All buildings in true fantasy style and design and all nationns have several unique buildings; like the specific Elven Granary and Library and the Collective Hives and Warfactories and the Viking Valkyrie Academy.
    • Play on the great 125×100 detailed map of the Fairy Tale world with 18 civs or play one of the smaller scenarios. You can also play randomly generated maps through some of the map scripts supplied with this mod; PlanetGenerator for instance, which creates a really interesting world with masses of creation process choices! Also included are maps of Tamriel from the Elder Scrolls Series as well as a map of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, making those two fantasy lands playable with the Fairy Tale civs!
    • The monumental Imperial War Scenario will let you play the noble Empire as it strives to save the civilized world from the destruction of evil the Demon King himself wants to impose on it, or you can take the other side and lead the Legions of Darkness to world conquest and once and for all destroy Civilization with fire and iron.
    • Unique Fairy Tale music composed by Zero-Project. To set the stage, all National anthems are suitably taken from some of the greatest composers of the 19th century; like Sibelius, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and Wagner.
    • Merged with BUG, giving the player more control over what is happening in the Fairy Tale Kingdom in better report screens and cool graphical functions. The mod is also merged with Better BtS AI, making the AI-led opponent Kingdoms more of a challenge. Now they actually think!

    Desura modding support for Civilization IV (update)

    M ore good news for the modders out there with their eyes set on the world scale, Civilization IV is now supported by Desura. Which means developers will be able to upload and make available their works to the community surrounding Desura. Let’s welcome Civilization IV and the flagship mods to Desura!

    We are always looking for more fantastic mods to support over the service, if you know of a mod or are apart of a mod that you think needs to be on Desura let us know [email protected] and we will do our best to get it ready, even if we do not support the game the mod is currently for let us know either way.

    Update Jun 25th, 2020

    A larger amount of mods for Civilization IV is currently supported.

    To list them all, some prominent total conversion mods such as Planetfall (a take on creating an Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri’s sequel), Dune Wars and Rise from Erebus, as well as smaller ones (Hundred Years» War) and those striving to create a feel of «unofficial expansion packs» – Legends of Revolution, Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn, The Ancient Mediterranean and Thomas» War.

    Fairy Tale Heroes Expansion

    There is an expansion for the Fairy Tale mod in WIP. Read all about it here!

    Fairy Tale Version 10

    Version 10 of Fairy Tale is here, just about a week before the release of Civ5. With this update we celebrate Civ4 as the great game it is by supplying.

    Fairy Tale 2

    Civilization V is just days away. Here’s what is going to happen to Fairy Tale as well.

    Update 9c is here

    Time for update 9c of the Fairy Tale mod. Check it out. We’ve done masses of bugfixes this time around and you’ll also get an entire new Kingdom to play!

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