God vs ond, spill Good Girl Bad Girl!

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Girls have always been classified into two. Its either they are good or bad girls. It’s their deeds that will make us group them. Goodness pays sometimes, so does badness. The badness is how they are able to smartly move around the rough world with no bruises. Though the means are disapproved the end is rewarding. Here is a detailed difference between good and bad girls.

  1. Good girls cry when you break up, they see it as the end of the world. Bad girls are like “ah! Ok, am fine let’s end it”. They don’t give a damn. When you think they will forget you soon, it dawns on you that they even didn’t have you close to their hearts.
  2. Bad girls can’t tell how many boyfriends they have. Many are playettes toying around with men’s feelings. Words like faithfulness and loyalty are news to them. The boyfriend of good girls is known to everyone. They have that one man whom they love dearly.
  3. Good girls learnt and forgot nothing that mama said about how a girl should be dressed. They dress decently and even some have never won a miniskirt or very tight jeans that we wear with pliers or tops that show cleavage. They are subscribers of the decency script. Bad girls on the other hand learnt nothing and forgot nothing about how women should be dressed. Everybody feels ashamed on their behalf on their dressing code. They wear what they like and don’t care what people say.
  4. Bad girls are courted by many men but they commit to none. On the other hand good girls can’t allow men to flock around them. They easily commit to a man.
  5. Good girls visit their families during holidays. Bad girls on the other hand just send money and go for holiday elsewhere. God knows where.
  6. Many bad girls have sponsors. They rarely pay their rent, buy food or their clothes. Good girls pay their bills and even wonder where and how other girls get sponsors.
  7. Bad girls can date married men without any feeling of guilt. They enjoy every minute and money the married man throws their way. Bad girls on the other hand would rather be on their own than in the arms of a married man.
  8. Bad girls live by the Monroe’s quote: they kiss but do not love; they listen but do not believe a word you say and leave before they are left. Bad girls dump you as fast as they can. You can imagine you are in a relationship with them but they left a long time ago. Good girls are dumped, they never see the signs of a breakup coming and even if they do, they choose to stay hoping that things will be better.
  9. Good girls nurse a man’s misfortune and ill manners. If a man drinks, is down with hangovers and vomits, a good girl will clean after him. Bad girls will leave you to clean up your mess.
  10. Bad girls never see eye to eye with in-laws and least of all the mother in law. Good girls are eye candies to the in-laws.
  11. Bad girls take photos by the beach, with bikinis, in goggles and in a joyful mood. They say they are on holiday and their salary is peanuts. Good girls are in the house cleaning and watching movies.
  12. Eighty percent of bad girls are drama queens. They talk dirty, pick quarrels with other ladies and not once or twice but on many occasions they become violent. Good girls are cool and rarely have time for theatrics.
  13. Good girls are commonly referred to as wife material. They are taken to a meet a man’s parents. They bestow upon themselves the duties of a wife like; washing a man’s clothes (soiled jeans, heavy Duves and towels) then wait for the day the man will propose. As expected the man leaves them and marries the bad girl whom he chased for years and who never touched his soiled jeans in the name of washing.
  14. Good girls keep the company of people they don’t like or who do not add value to their lives. They say they do not want to offend those people by breaking the association. Bad girls have no time for such pretence. They will tell you off and avoid your company if it doesn’t add value to their lives.
  15. Good girls have this annoying habit of explaining themselves; they make apologies for their weight, how they look and almost all their choices. Bad girls don’t owe anybody but themselves an explanation. They don’t seek people’s opinion on their weight or their choices.
  16. Good girls put others before themselves. They sacrifice for family, friends and even surprisingly enemies. They can’t step on anyone to get what they want. Bad girls have this slogan “I come first”. You will be shocked to imagine they will put others first. They will choose what keeps them at a position that they are advantaged.
  17. A good girl will put up with a loser boyfriend in the hope that he will be better in the future. They will even lend them money, encourage the man, and sympathetically listen to how the man dropped out of college without completing his studies. She will believe that in spite of the fact that he made bad choices such a man is destined for greatness. A bad girl will not have time to waste on a looser. She will say it before all and sundry that she can’t date a loser. She has no money to lend a man since a man is supposed to give her money.
  18. Bad girls are gold diggers. She can be in a relationship purely for money .Good girls will never do such a thing under God’s green earth.
  19. A good girl will follow a man up after they break up. She will beg him to take her back even if he was the one on the wrong. She will take ages to move on in case they don’t get back together. Bad girls don’t understand what a breakup and moving on is. They have always moved on while in the relationship and have encountered many breakups to a point where none breaks their hearts.
  20. Bad girls have the ability to go to bed with a man purely for physical reasons and no emotional attachment. They forget everything that happened and have no problem sleeping with other men. They can change men faster than they can change their clothes. Good girls take time. It takes ages for them to be intimate. This works to their disadvantage at times since they finish last while bad girls get the world brought at their feet.

Good Girls, Bad Girls (1984)




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Title: Good Girls, Bad Girls (1984)

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Credited cast:
Colleen Brennan . Velva
Sharon Mitchell . Elaine Random
Paula Meadows . Victoria Hines
Taija Rae . Ginny McNamara
Carol Cross . Terry Goodman
Sandy King . Policewoman (as Sandra King)
Joey Silvera . Mike Costa
Eric Monti . Gordon Barnes
George Payne . Arthur Zoltan
Jerry Butler . Mystery Man
Mike Lawrence . Plainclothes Cop
Klaus Multia . Actor #1 (as Klaus Mültia)
Silver Starr . Extra Girl (as Silver Star)
Danielle . Extra Girl (as Melody)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Bill Landis . (as Bobby Spector)

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User Reviews

Really like the BJ Sharon Mitchell gives Eric Monte (Gordon Barnes )-

Monte’s cum shot is like a volcano, splashing onto Ms Mitchell’s face.

Also, Monte can act & playing off of the legendary Joey Silvera, makes for a good story !

What Men Want: Good Versus Bad Girl

Its tough enough just being a woman, most of the time we cant figure ourselves out, one day we want to focus on our career, save for an apartment the next day its totally changed, we want to pack our job in & go travelling around the world lol When it comes to relationships we sometimes change ourselves to accommodate the man we want to attract, but what is it men really want from a girl? They say they want a princess on the street and a whore in the bedroom WOW! So which girl catches the guy, the good girl or the bad girl? Here’s what guys think about the qualities of both.

What’s Good About The Bad Girl
She’s fun. She can party all night, drink herself into a stupor and still get up the next day and be ready for more. She’ll laugh and flirt, and make you feel like a man.

She’s exciting
Bad girls are walking adrenaline rushes. For her, life is a roller coaster ride, and it’ll get your blood singing just to be along for the trip. Bad girls never have time for introspection or depression — they’re too busy grabbing the world by the horns.

She craves sex from you
The bad girl loves men and makes no bones about it. She’s more than happy to fulfill any fantasy you can dream up. She’s the kind who will tear up the sheets while she’s screaming out her seventh orgasm in a row (you’ll feel like you’re the king of the sexual world). And you won’t have to deal with any head games — she’s more than happy to seduce you 24/7.

She’s eye candy
Bad girls are usually very attractive with jaw-dropping figures — the ultimate “hot babes.” They know how to walk the walk and strut their stuff. They get off on being the centre of male attention. A bad girl loves plunging necklines, bare midriffs, high heels, skirts hemmed at mid-thigh, strapless anything, and sexy lingerie (if she wears any underwear at all).

She up’s your status
When you have a stunner like this on your arm, all other men are jealous and women are intrigued, and immediately your stud rating soars into the stratosphere. You’ll be the stuff of legends when you regale your buddies with tales from your bedroom.

What’s Bad about The Bad Girl
She’s untrustworthy
All men want her and she knows it, and she’s definitely a serial flirter. Because she’s such a sexual animal, she’s apt to seduce anyone who strikes her fancy, so you shouldn’t expect a bad girl to be loyal.

She’s dangerous
She’s the type who will go 100 in a 30 mph zone just because she likes the rush. She may be into drugs or excessive alcohol consumption. She’s spontaneous, unpredictable and wild.

She makes a bad partner
Bad girls are extremely self-obsessed and selfish. They think about one person: themselves. They’re extravagant and will spend their last dime on themselves. They don’t settle down comfortably. For these reasons, they usually make lousy wives and mothers, and rarely survive lifelong relationships.

She is expensive
No low-maintenance here — from day one she’ll be looting your wallet for expensive meals, trips and jewellery. The typical bad girl sets a very high price on the use of her vagina, and if you don’t want

The Good thing about The Good Girl
She’s wholesome and nice. A good girl is rarely bitchy or “empowered.” She’s pleasant to be around and has a positive attitude toward life. She’ll go out of her way to help you or take care of you when you’re sick, and when problems arise, she’ll discuss them calmly, instead of flying into a rage or screaming at you just because you’re a “man.”

She’s a clean slate
With her limited sexual experience, a good girl doesn’t have a lot of men to compare you to and won’t expect you to be a world-class lover. She can be moulded.

She’s unlikely to cheat on you
Good girls tend to be homebodies, not party girls. Because she doesn’t present herself in the same sexually-alluring manner that a bad girl does, you won’t have to worry about a lot of other guys coming on to her. A good girl wants to find the one true love of her life and stay with him until death do them part, instead of seducing half the male population before she gets too old.

She’s often your best friend awww
She genuinely enjoys your company and gives back to you as much as she takes. When you’re gone, she misses you; when you’re at home, she showers you with attention.

She’s easier on finances
Good girls can rate low on the maintenance scale — they’re much more likely to share dating expenses (just because it’s the right thing to do), and if you get married, she’ll happily throw her pay check in with yours to pay the mortgage and bills.

She makes a good potential wife & mother
The typical good girl is practical, down-to-earth and nurturing. She loves children. She usually comes from a good family and wants to carry on those family values in her own life.

Why the good girl may still may not be right…The Bad thing about The Good Girl
She’s about as exciting as vanilla. Since she’d rather stay at home reading a book than go out partying, life with a good girl can be a bit uneventful.

She can be a sexual bore
Good girls are often boring in bed, either from lack of experience or lack of desire. Sex with her is predictable. She rarely inspires lust and will probably wait for her man to initiate lovemaking. This can leave the typical guy very unfulfilled, his gaze straying toward that bad girl over there with the unfettered nipples and the long wraparound legs.

She’s fashionably comfortable
She wears her hair pulled back and little make-up. She prefers sweats and tennis shoes to mini skirts and pumps. Often times, you can forget about thong underwear.

The Good To Bad
So the question remains: Which one should you choose? The obvious answer is that the perfect woman would embody the best of both of these types — the niceness and loyalty of the good girl and the sexual abandon of the bad girl.

While such women may exist naturally out there, it’s more likely that, to achieve this ideal, you’ll have to train to be a bit of both ladies. This may not be an easy task, because many good girls have been brainwashed by mum, church or school/friends etc into thinking that “bad” is inherently wrong. So the trick is to encourage your natural sexuality. Its great to care, be your man’s friend & be a lil predictable but if you can still keep him on his toes with unexpected surprises, ditching the tracksuit bottoms & wearing your sexiest outfits more often than not, keep him guessing about your next move etc you will find the right balance to keep him gasping for more. This should be the goal forever amen in any relationship for it to survive long term happiness for both parties.

So do you know a girl like this, are you one, do you think a woman can be the entire package?

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